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with intentio▓n, meaning to see how she would take it,▓ but he was not prepared for its effect ●upon her.


She looked at him wi▓th startled nervousness and laughed,--and● then continued to laugh and laugh as thoug▓h he had made an irresistible joke.Lyon w▓aited for her to recover her poise,▓ and it was not until her wild la●ughter changed suddenly to wilder sobs▓ that he realized she was in ●the grip of nervous hysteria.H▓e hastily rang the bell and then went out i●nto the hall himself to meet th▓e slow-answering maid and send her ▓whirling back to bring Miss Elliott. Shall ●I telephone for Dr.Barry he

whispered, when ●Miss Elliott had come and taken the still s●obbing woman in her arms. Ye▓s, do, for

goodness' sake.What in

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▓ the world started her Miss Elliott a●nswered, distractedly.The situation was so● alien to her rule-regu


lated life ●that she looked bewildered by it. ▓ Lyon neglected the second part of● her speech to attend to the first.▓ He found the telephone in th▓e hall, and got Barry. Hello, Dr.●Barry.This is a message from Miss E▓lliott.She wants you to come at once to ●see Mrs.Broughton. That y▓ou, Lyon Yes. What's the m●atter with Mrs.Broughton ▓She's crying and laughing together in a ▓way to make your blood run cold.For hea▓ven's sake, hurry along. If you ha●ve been upsetting that woman, I won't answe●r for the consequences, exclaimed Barry, wi▓th indignant emphasis. Then get▓ over here as quick as you can and take it● out of me aft

erwards, retorted Lyon, h▓anging up the receiver.He went● back to Mrs.Broughton's door.The sobbing▓ had

ceased, and after waiting a mo●ment Lyon caught one of the excite●d servants and se



nt her in to Miss El●liott with an inquiry and an of▓fer of service.She answered that ▓there was nothing more he could do, so he qu●ietly let himself out of the hous▓e. He had gone several blocks from ▓the school when he became aw●are of the fact that a man on the opposite● side of the street seemed to ▓be keeping


an eye on his movements.Was● he himself an object of interest to some

▓one connected with the case▓ He was conscious now t

hat he had se▓en the man across the str

eet wi▓thout heeding him when

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